Cluster Planning

Why Create Another Plan for Homewood?

Change is coming to Homewood. The goal of Homewood Cluster Planning is to guide that change in the interest of Homewood’s residents. The Cluster Planning process will create a detailed land use vision for Homewood’s future based on the needs and desires of existing, present-day community stakeholders. This process will consider both long- and short-term land use, working with residents in one part of the neighborhood at a time. Building on the neighborhood assets, the process will craft a vision for what should happen to vacant property; what types of development are right for different parts of Homewood; where houses should be renovated, mothballed or demolished, and where new ones should be built; as well as where new businesses, industrial uses or parks should be located. After plans for all of the clusters have been developed, they will be brought together into a complete, community-driven plan for the entire Homewood neighborhood.

This process will not resolve all questions regarding how the vision will be implemented. However, it will set goals for ensuring that future development is equitable and addresses the needs of the existing community.

The Cluster Planning Team

Operation Better Block (OBB) was incorporated in 1971 and has worked for successful Neighborhood and Community Development over the last forty years, focusing on the Homewood-Brushton neighborhood. OBB’s mission is to strategize, organize and mobilize residents block-by-block to benefit the Homewood community. The Cluster Planning process is a natural extension of that mission.

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 1
Cluster 1
Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 2

Cluster 2

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 3

Cluster 3

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 4

Cluster 4

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 5

Cluster 5

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 6

Cluster 6

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 7

Cluster 7

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 8

Cluster 8

Homewood Cluster Planning: Cluster 9

Cluster 9

Business and Institutional Core
Business District
Final Vision

Final Vision

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